Een nieuwe Belg in BA

Beste landgenoten,


Via het VIW platform zou ik me graag bij jullie introduceren. Ik verhuis begin april naar Buenos Aires, waar ik met mijn Argentijnse vriendin zal samenwonen. Ik zou het enorm leuk vinden om jullie daar te leren kennen. De beste manier om met mij in contact te komen, is via dit email adres, Facebook, of Linkedin.

Hiernaast ben ik ook zo vrij om mijn CV door te sturen, omdat ik op dit moment nog geen werk heb gevonden. Misschien kennen jullie iemand die op zoek zou zijn naar iemand met mijn profiel (4 jaar werkervaring binnen bankieren en vastgoed).


Ik kijk er alvast naar uit om jullie allemaal te ontmoeten, en kijk uit naar jullie reacties!







March 2009-November 2012
Sell side equity analyst at ING Equity Markets, Amsterdam
Worked on the start up of a sell side real estate research product on the Continental European
listed real estate market, first based in Brussels, then in Amsterdam (from October 2009
onwards). Coverage of the Benelux, France, Italy and Germany
Responsible for the rollout and maintenance of the quantitative structure of the real estate
product (a.o. build and maintain 27 company valuation models on a detailed quarterly basis, and
an extensive sector valuation sheet)

I have written and published +20 detailed company initiation reports and deal reports, followed
by extensive company update notes. Numerous examples are available on request.
Maintain frequent contact with the main institutional investing clients across Europe and the
USA (approximately 650 client interactions and 100 face to face meetings per year)
Maintain frequent contact with and travel with the executive management boards of Continental
European property companies (conference calls, investor days, and the organisation of a number
of reverse road shows)

The real estate team was the highest ranked team at ING in terms of client votes and number of
client meetings
Significant primary deal experience: Aedifica, Ascencio, Montea, NSI, Banimmo, VastNed
Retail, Corio, WDP, Befimmo
I have decided to leave ING after top management decided to reduce the research effort from
Western Europe back to the Benelux

August 2008-February 2009
M&A analyst at ING Group, corporate finance department
Provide strategic research on possible corporate restructuring transactions
I have witnessed all phases of a takeover transaction (including writing and presenting a pitch
document, preparing an information memorandum, data room research and a due diligence
Apply several valuation methods on investment opportunities
April-June 2008

Buy side equity analyst internship at the Belgian private equity firm Mitiska, specializing in
Scanning the European quoted retail market for undervalued investment targets
Building valuation models (DCF, LBO, IRR, comparables) to analyse the return on public

Passed level 1 of the CFA examinations
2007-2008 VLERICK BUSINESS SCHOOL (CFA partner institution), Belgium
Master in Financial Management (distinction)
Winner of the Vlerick masters best business plan award 2007-2008 (great distinction), resulting
in the launch of an internet startup and the attraction of Venture Capital sponsorship
Graduate internship at Mitiska Private Equity (great distinction)
summer 2007 LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS, United Kingdom
Summer school in Accounting and Valuation

Dutch Mother tongue
English Excellent
French Good
Spanish Good
International language certificate in Spanish, Don Quichote escuela de idiomas, Valencia (august 2005), level B2. I
have shared an apartment in Valencia exclusively with Spanish native speakers during my time as an Erasmus
student. All my courses during these 6 months were in Spanish.
 Computer skills
MS Office Active command
Working knowledge of Thomson for investment management, Bloomberg, JCF, Mergermarket
Knowledge of several statistical and database management systems such as EViews, Statistica,
Eiffel and SQL
Arjan Knibbe was my former team leader and senior colleague during my time as a sell side equity analyst at ING

Jan Hein de Vroe was the former head of Western European Equities and my supervisor when I worked at ING. He
oversaw and supported my move from Brussels to Amsterdam

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