Quizen in BA

De Quiz-virus breidde uit. De Europese Expat-club organiseerde zijn eerste pub-quiz in Club Aleman.

Er was een delegatie van VIA en Sophie zat bij de winnende ploeg! Proficiat!


Where: Club Alemán, Av. Corrientes 327, 21st Floor
When: 17th of September Starting at 19:30 / 7:30pm
Costs: 15AR$ members / 25AR$ non members

What: Expats Pub-Quiz for all of you who love to spend a relaxed time, meet new people and besides think you have read enough travel guides about Buenos Aires and now want to proof your knowledge.
This time the winning team will be awarded with a prize.

The quiz consists of four rounds about European and Argentinian relationship and influences.Each round has eight questions. 

The quiz starts at 7.30pm and lasts about 3 hours, depending on the number of teams playing that night. 
Feel welcome to bring a friend with you, if not, be prepared to leave with new ones.
We are very much looking forward meeting you there.

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