Tips in town

Holding an event or organizing a special occasion can be very stressful. One of the ways to ensure that everything goes smoothly is to use our private restaurant. You can dine family style in my home with up to 8 other persons, plus myself. 

The home itself is non-smoking but the terrace has a smoking area and there is also a balcony on the main apartment level, for your convenience. 


What is the Customized Personal Chef Service?


The Customized Personal Chef Service is for individuals who have a very specific diet. For example, this service is good for individuals who want to eat with organic ingredients or on a specialized diet (i.e. low calorie, low salt, low fat).


Can I tell you

what to cook?


Yes, it is our pleasure to prepare meals to your specifications. The advantage of the Customized Personal Chef Service is that we are your personal chefs, who customize your meals to your personal taste. We plan, shop and cook according to your individual needs.

No members! No leaders! No dues! No cover! No minimum! No hassle!

No wondering when! No wondering if! No wondering why!

If you consider yourself a liberal... whether Republican or Democrat or Libertarian, Peronista o Radical,

Yanqui or Argentino or any nationality...you're among friends at Drinking Liberally Buenos Aires!

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