November: polomaand

Since September, the Polo calendar has been jam packed with events at Tortugas and at the Hurlingham club and soon, you will be able to enjoy these events here in Palermo, in the heart of the city.

If you’re looking for an exciting weekend activity in the open air, look no more.  Whatever you may know about polo you’re sure to pick it up quickly and if you still have questions just check out the “All you need to know about Polo” article on our site: (http://www.livinginargentina.com/all_you_need_to_know_abo...).

Here are October and November Polo events that you must not miss out on:
13.10-31.10: The Ayreshire cup at the Hurlingham Club (the oldest polo tournament in the world)

Upcoming matches:
Saturday the 24th of October
Pitch number 2 – 14 hs: El Paraíso vs. Unconfirmed
Pitch number 1 – 16 hs: La Ellerstina Etiqueta Negra vs. Unconfirmed.

Sunday the 25th of October
Pitch number 2- 14hs: La Alegria vs Unconfirmed
Pitch number 1-16hs La Aguada Tupungato vs Unconfirmed

Saturday the 31st of October
THE FINAL: Unconfirmed Teams.
14.11-05.12: 116 Campeonato Argentino Abierto de Polo(Organised by the AAP)
Who will win this year? The thrice time winner La Dolfina? Last year’s winner Ellerstina? Or will a new team step up to the task? To find out you’ll have to go to the Abierto de Polo 2009.

Upcoming matches

Specific dates still Unconfirmed- Weekends likely. We will update these as we find out.
So pick up your hats, put on your sunglasses and hit the Polo field.

More Info:

If you want a pass for all 7 matches you can get them before the 13th of November on


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